Friday, 13 October 2017

1, 2, 3, Chickadee Turns 3!

Chickadee has gone broody again.
Here you see 3 year old Chickadee fluffed up and
broody sitting in her nesting box in the coop.
Chickadee looks like she's having a 'bad hair day'!
Chickadee turns 3 years old on 13th October 2017. 
It seems like Chickadee is looking at her shadow
on the ground, but she's really searching for food!
 Broody Chickadee is locked out of the coop in an
effort to prevent her from sitting in the nesting box.
Chickadee does not look impressed that the coop is closed!
Chickadee decides to sit in the dirt outside the rear of the coop.
Nestle "the boss" watches over the 3 year old Rhode Island Red broody hen.
Chickadee sits in her dirt hole fluffed up.
 Nestle looks so small compared to Chickadee!
The 2 Happy Hens have a rest. It's a hard life.
 Broody Chickadee chills out.
Her red comb has gone a bit floppy.
 Three year old Chickadee is not impressed that she's locked
out of the coop to prevent her from sitting on the nest.
Chickadee's got that glaring look.....

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

The Eyes Have It

The 2 Happy Hens have a rest under the tree.
Chickadee looks enormous sitting on the dirt fluffed up and broody.
Her nickname 'BFC' currently stands for:
Broody Fluffy Chickadee!
 The hens have a nap.
Chickadee is a lot larger hen compared to Nestle.
Nestle squints and keeps on eye on things as she's the 'boss'.
Nestle closes her eyes standing up whilst it's
Chickadee's turn to doze off and squint at the camera.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Where's My Snacks?

The 2 Happy Hens ran to Lydia in the morning to 
see if she's got any food. Chickadee and Nestle look
at Lydia as if to say, "Where's my snacks?"
The 2 Happy Hens start walking to the patch of
ground where the morning feed is freshly spread.
Chickadee picks up a piece of lettuce.
Chickadee loves eating fresh lettuce scraps.
Nestle eats long green grass.
The 2 Happy Hens love eating anything that's green.
Nestle looks satisfied.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Dirt Bath Joy

Chickadee and Nestle prepare to have a dirt bath.
They love to spend an hour or more snoozing and dirt bathing.
In summer, the 2 Happy Hens can have two dirt baths a day.
Nestle rolls her head in the dirt.
Chickadee kicks dirt in the air, creating a brown dust cloud!
Now it's Nestle's turn to kick dirt everywhere!
Nestle fluffs herself up in the dirt bath.
The 2 Happy Hens love dirt baths.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Nestle Turns 5

Nestle turns 5 years old this month (June 2017).
We are very happy that Nestle is our oldest surviving
pet hen whom we've owned for 4.5 years. 
Nestle looks like a healthy 5 year old hen with her new feathers and tail.
She is very soft and fluffy with a strong personality (sooky and dominant).
Nestle went to the vet recently and had her
long toe nails trimmed by the vet nurse.
Nestle may be the smallest hen, but she's certainly
the boss of Chickadee and the 2 Happy Hens!

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Hide and Seek

Chickadee hides in her favourite bush.
Nestle camouflages with the leaf litter and
feathers on the ground left over from moulting.
 Nestle hides behind the bush.
Nestle pokes her head through the bush.
I can see you!
Chickadee sits under the bush and pecks a hole in the dirt
whilst Nestle has a nap on a pile of autumn leaves.
 The 2 Happy Hens feel safe in the garden and have a rest.
Nestle hides her face behind a leafy bush branch.
We can still see you Nestle!

Monday, 29 May 2017

New Feathers

Nestle's tail has grown back during the last
4-6 weeks after her big moult in April.
Nestle perches under the table
whilst Chickadee crouches.
Chickadee has a spiky head as her new feathers grow.
Chickadee sits in her favourite corner.
This is Lydia's favourite photo of Nestle with her new feathers.
Nestle has grown so many new feathers she has
a line of new fluff hanging loose above her leg.
 Nestle stands on one leg as she prepares to stretch.
Nestle does a big wing stretch and shows off her new wing feathers.
Nestle raises her neck and stands tall showing
off her lovely new plumage on her breast.
 The 2 Happy Hens have a rest around lunch time daily.
Chickadee has a happy and contented look on
her face as she takes a nap sitting behind Nestle.