Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Easter Tail

The week before Easter, Nestle started moulting.
This is her second big moult.
Yes all those feathers on the ground came from you Nestle!
Chickadee started moulting too.
On Good Friday, Nestle only had two black tail feathers left.
The pile of feathers from the 2 Happy Hens is
growing and Nestle has lots of preening to do!
 Chickadee is fast asleep with her head on her breast.
Nestle's fluffy feathers.
You can see lots of new feather spikes on Nestle's breast. 
 Nestle shows off her two tail feathers.
By Easter Sunday, Chickadee only had one long tail feather left.
Nestle likes to perch under the outdoor table as it's too
uncomfortable to sit down on her new feather spikes.
The 2 Happy Hens have a rest under the outdoor table.
Nestle bares her patchy bald breast
whilst Chickadee takes a nap.
Nestle looks a bit scruffy.
On Easter Monday, Nestle lost all
her tail feathers for the first time.
Nestle looks like a bob-tail hen without her tail!
A tail-less hen.
Nestle stands among the grape vine.
Moulting Nestle hides under the bushes.
Nestle and Chickadee go bug hunting
along the back fence line at Easter time.
Chickadee likes to graze on grass in the afternoons.
Chickadee turned 2.5 years old at Easter.

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